About me!

I decided to add a little about me section to make my blog a little more personal. Thank you for being here and sharing this piece of the internet with me!

Hi! I'm Sam.

I have been a free spirit since the day I was born. Despite being a well behaved child, if I was told not to do something, you could bet your bottom dollar that I would do it! I will forever be a little kid at heart, and my mind never takes a break. I am constantly learning and exploring, and thus always growing.

I am a lover of animals and all things earthy.
I am a stargazer and a daydreamer. 
Shiny things fascinate me.
I am constantly encouraging my family and close friends to be more green.
I strongly believe in upcycling and repurposing over recycling.
Eating organic and non-gmo means A LOT to me.

My favorite hobbies include:
Hiking | Kayaking | Yoga | Cooking | Creating | Reading | Gardening

I am an aspiring homesteader.
I have a quaint garden and 10 sassy hens.
As well as 3 spoiled rotten rescue dogs, a few cats and 15 ducks!
I dream of owning bees, bunnies, and some goats in the near future.

My spirit animals: 
Owl | wise-stubborn-intuitive
Horse | Strong emotions-lively-passionate desires.
My favorite flower (and scent)- Stargazer Lily 

I will forever be a dreamer and a wanderer.
My thirst for for adventure in insatiable.

When I am not blogging you can find me lost in the woods with light in my eyes.

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