Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DermOrganics Review

 When my family and I were asked to try out some products from DermOrganic, I was immediately excited. I have only heard good things about them, and after browsing their site, I was so ready to try out what they had to offer. Their products contain the amazing Argan Oil of Morocco. I absolutely love the fact that DermOrganic has the same values as my family.
 Being a southern girl is great, but it definitely has it's downsides. Despite having a healthy diet and lifestyle, I still have extremely dry skin and dry, frizzy hair. So you can imagine how stoked I was to try out some new products by DermOrganic that were designed to tame my hair, and keep my skin soft and moist.

The first product I tries was the Daily Conditioning Shampoo. I immediately loved the fact that is was sulfate-free and color-safe, as my family is actively trying to be more green, and.. I occasionally dye my hair.. Upon opening the bottle of shampoo, I noticed the smell. It was soft, and floral. Very light, perfect for a calm, relaxing bath. The texture was smooth and creamy, just what you would want from a shampoo. The more Iathered it into my hair, the better it became.

The next product I used was the Intensive Hair Repair Mask. I really enjoyed the scent. It was reminiscent of the shampoo, but perhaps a bit stronger. The mask worked well, but seemed to be of little help when it came to detangling my thick, long hair. I definitely could have used a conditioner, which they do have, but is not included in the Hair Essentials Bag.
 Luckily, I also got to try the Leave in Treatment. This stuff was awesome! While my hair was still a bit damp, I dabbed a small amount into the palm of my hands and worked it into my hair, excluding the roots. It instantly helped, and made it easy to detangle my hair with my fingers. It left my hair smelling amazing, which lead to numerous compliments at school, and several girls asked me what I used. I sure was popular that day!

 After showering, my skin is so dry. Especially my face. I also have sensitive skin, and cannot tolerate certain products. Soap seems to be a major irritant, and finding the right products for my face have been a constant battle. So getting to try DermOrganic Soapless Facial Cleanser was great! It is oil and fragrance free, rich in Omega-6 and Vitamins C&E, and made with fruit extracts. This cleanser is exactly what I have been looking for! It is soft and creamy, and I love the way it removes my makeup while not completely drying out my skin. It still left my skin a bit flaky, as it does not contain an exfoliant, so the second time around, I used it with a washcloth. this helped to remove my dead skin, allowing the cleanser to leave my skin bright and soft.

Next to be used were the Hand and Body Moisture Lotion and the Facial Moisturizer. I found them to be a lot alike, so I am combining their review. I like to moisturize almost immediately after taking a shower, and cleansing my face. I find that this helps lock in moisture, and prevents my skin from drying out so quickly. I loved how quickly these moisturizers absorbed into my skin, and how they caused no irritation. They did not leave my skin feeling greasy, and the Facial Moisturizer kept my face from drying out all day, which is rare in this Texas heat.

All in all, I really enjoyed trying our DermOrganics. This company has great values, and that is something we all can appreciate

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