Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 4 of 15 Days of Giveaways-Little Green Pouch

With Maggie’s first son, Kelley, trips to the grocery store were definitely on her “dread” list. When she had her second son, Finnegan, aka the Finn-A-Monster, it moved to the top of that list. But then Maggie’s grocery store began stocking those food pouches you've probably seen.
On one particular visit, after substantial clamoring, Maggie caved and popped the tops of two pouches. A miracle ensued - she watched in amazement as her boys sat quietly in the cart, working out ounces of healthy fruits and veggies, which they wouldn’t dare eat out of a bowl. Never missing an opportunity, she sped through the remaining grocery store aisles in relative peace. By the time the shriveled pouches moved along the conveyor belt to checkout (yes, she paid for them) Maggie realized that she had all of the items on her shopping list, and when was the last time she had done that? Someone’s new product had just made her life easier, and she was in love.
Aren't her boys adorable!?

But Maggie’s romance with food pouches was short lived. Yes, she loved the fact that her kids could feed themselves, that they would actually be clean after doing so and that she didn’t have to lug around spoons, bibs, bowls, napkins and breakable jars. But she found that the pouches were expensive and offered a limited variety of foods. And she cringed each time she had to throw the single-use packages in the trash. That is when she realized the world needed a “reusable” food pouch that could be filled with the foods her kids like (or she wants them to like), which would help her save money, as well as the planet. Not a bad idea, right?*

I too cringe every time I throw one of those blasted pouches in the trash. Curse you fruits in a squeeze pouch! Why must you taste so good? Luckily with Little Green Pouch I can eat whatever I want without having to throw away any trash. 

 What I really love about Little Green Pouch
They are:

BPA Free  |  Phthalate Free  |  Dishwasher Safe  |  Freezer Safe

Since I already had it on hand, I decided to try out applesauce for my first go-round.

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  1. I would put homemade strawberry applesauce in the pouch.

  2. I would put some flavored drinks for the kids in it. - CJ Godfrey

  3. I would put some applesauce, yogurt, and smoothies in them (separately of course!) :)

  4. I would probably put yogurt in here for my daughter. She loves yogurt, but it gets messy!

  5. I'm most likely to use the pouches for drinks.

  6. probably sweet potatoes.

  7. This would be great for applesauce.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  8. My son with autism can't eat solid food, so I would put his blended meals in these pouches - much more travel-friendly than plastic containers with lids!