Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 6 of 15 Days of Giveaways-Soaptopia Handmade Soap

 I learned how to make soap several years ago. I have always just kept it for myself and to give to family. It is A LOT of work, and actually takes quite a bit of money to start up. As nice as my handmade soap can be, it is not professional or nearly as nice as some of the companies I admire. That being said, I am rather picky about the soap I do buy. I always make sure the ingredients are something I trust, and that the creation process is something I can appreciate. I was lucky enough to get to try some products from one of those companies I look up to recently.

Soaptopia creates all natural handmade soap, natural body products, bath goodies, organic perfumes and green gifts. Fancy and schmancy. Jolie Chitwood Cox started making soaps and potions in her Venice Beach bungalow home and now we are sending them around the world! She makes eco-friendly vegan soaps in her shop in a funky neighborhood in Los Angeles California using pure vegetable-based ingredients like raw shea butter, olive oil and essential oils. (Check ingredients, some items are not vegan and may contain bee's wax or lanolin). In addition to natural soap, Soaptopia also crafts natural lip balm, handmade natural shaving soap, massage candles, balms and body lotions.*

 I love the packaging. It really keeps the bars of soap fresh and fragrant. I keep my bar in the package until I am finished using it, then I compost the paper. 

*I like to use my soap knife to cut off smaller portions of my soap to last for a couple uses. This helps to not get my entire bar of soap soggy, and not to mention offers me the chance of using a different soap as often as I want without being wasteful.

^The first bar of soap I tried out was the Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It is a layered soap featuring one layer of each: Rose Geranium, Citrus, Lavender and Mint. I am pretty sensitive to smells, and was weary of trying this. I am more into earthy scents such as Cedar, Patchouli, Sandalwood, etc. I was pleasantly surprised by this soap though! The scents actually mesh well together, creating a soothingly aromatic atmosphere while showering. It left my skin feeling clean and not overly fragrant.

See what I mean about the packaging?

Too cute!

^ I have to be honest. I wasn't too thrilled about this particular bar. The name Basically Lemonade itself sounds intriguing, and the scent definitely lives up to its name. It is a little too strong for my sensitive palette, as most citrus smells are. I think it is great for a younger crowd or those of us still trying to hold on to a bit of summer as these late autumn months are beginning to look more and more dreary. I passed this bar down to someone younger than me whom absolutely loves it! It even smells better on her skin than it did on mine. (I have always heard that scents react differently between person to person.) Maybe it is just me, but when on my skin, it reminds me of those candles that keep the mosquitoes away..

^Now this guy has been a delight to get a hold of! It is a lovely Orange flavored Shea Butter lip moisturizer with a clever name to boot! Or so I am guessing. Lip Werk Orange/Clockwork Orange, anyone? It goes on smooth with the perfect amount of thickness and texture. The scent and flavor are your classic orange since Soaptopia uses Orange Blossom Essential oil instead of nasty artificial flavorings. 

Overall I really enjoyed experiencing Soaptopia.The only problem I had was not getting to pick my own scents. With that being said, I am not sure I could sign up for their Soap of the Month Club, although it does sound like a great idea (if I weren't so picky). 

If I had the choice, I would have loved to try some scents that suit my personality. Something I would actually use. Such as: Hippeee Soap, Woodstock Revival, Bub Marley, and maybe even the Life is Ruff (a soap for dogs!).

To find out more about Soaptopia, visit their:

Soaptopia is offering 2 of my readers each a 2 pack of their soaps! US only. Just enter below:

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  Disclosure: I received the above item in return for an honest, sincere review. I was not expected to leave a positive review, and would never post something I didn't feel fully confident in. The above opinion is the sole opinion of Paisley and her family, and may differ from your own.


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