Saturday, December 28, 2013

Monster Defense Spray Review and Giveaway

"It's all of the things that monsters fear most...

...smells just like oranges and Daddy's French toast."

How many of you remember being afraid of monsters under your bed or in the closet, causing many sleepless nights or forced entry into your parents bed? It is pretty common problem for young kids with very active imaginations. I personally don’t remember being afraid of monsters under my bed, but I do remember always having terrible dreams and insisted upon keeping a nightlight (Which explains my fitful sleep even better, since nightlights are known to disturb your sleep). While not being afraid of the Boogie Man and other scary creatures that tend to go bump in the night, I feel that this spray would have helped me anyway. Having a calm mind before going to bed would have deleted the need for a nightlight, and would have helped keep the nightmares at bay. The maple orange scent of the Monster Defense spray is relaxing, sending the user into an immediate calm state of mind. I find that not only is this spray great for children, it serves me a purpose as well. I think many adults can find comfort in using this product as a room or linen spray, especially on the pillow before closing those tired eyes. I love how simple and effective the ingredients are (Water, Mandarin Essential Oil, Pure Vanilla Extract, Maple Sugar Fragrance Oil), and how these products are not tested on animals.

About Monster Defense

Such a great product, even Elf on a Shelf uses it!
Monster Defense is a line of products intended to help cure children's fear.  Monster Defense provides security to children with fear as well as provides parents an easy and fun solution to getting rid of monsters. Please check back for future Monster Defense products.

Founders, Matt and Whitney Hardesty, are parents to a two year old boy, have a girl on the way, and reside in Lincoln, NE. They love hanging out with their friends and family and all the kids in their lives. Monster Defense all started when their nephew told them about the monsters in his room that kept him up at night. From that day on, Whitney couldn't stop thinking of what a fun concept this could be. Matt then got involved and helped Whitney bring it all together. Matt has since written the book, "Monsters, Beware!" which will be available in January.

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 Win your own bottle of Monster Defense MD-80 Brave Spray!  

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  1. I like the ingredients and how they help calm you

  2. I like that it would work perfectly for my son, and it is not tested on animals

  3. That's so cute!!!
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  4. I like that it is relaxing with the scent of Orange.

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  5. I love the actual idea of monster defense and that it smells good too-

  6. I love this idea, especially since I believe in mind over matter. (But the scents definitely help too, of course!)

  7. I like that it is relaxing with the scent of Orange.

  8. i love the concept. How awesome!!!

  9. I like that it smells good-you can calm a child with the soothing scent.

  10. I love the idea and that it's natural and calming.