Friday, December 27, 2013

Opie and Dixie Review

About Opie and Dixie

Opal (Opie) and Dixie
In 2008, unable to find the same safe, natural and organic grooming aids that she used for herself, she decided to develop a line of similar products especially formulated for dogs and cats. And thus, Opie & Dixie's Wholesome Pet Solutions was born.  The ingredients they use are trustworthy and safe, and all of their products have been ‘road tested’ by humans!

My Thoughts (and Paddington's too!)

I personally love how natural and safe these products are, as well as how effective they seem to be. The ingredients are simple and easy to pronounce. I can tell that they are of high quality, and it really shows on my dog. I look forward to getting to try more products from the Opie and Dixie line, such as the Organic Ear Wash. 

We first tried out the Opie and Dixie Paw Balm. It worked quickly at healing and soothing Paddingtons sore paws after jogging on the cement. It is 100% natural, containing only a few ingredients. Paddington doesn't mind me putting this balm on his paws, although he does try to sneakily lick if off when I am "not looking". 

The Snoutsticks were awesome. Such a cute, easy to use idea that serves an excellent purpose. Did you know that a dog’s nose is at least a million times more sensitive than our own? Imagine how painful a dry or irritated dog nose can be! We got to try all 3 varieties:
ROSEMARY FOR SOOTHING INFLAMMATION A natural disinfectant; soothes and reduces inflammation and treats bacterial and fungal infections.
LAVENDER FOR GENTLE NOSE CARE A clean, fresh scent and calming, balancing properties; provides ultra-gentle skin care and can be applied to irritated, itchy spots as a healing aid.
PUMPKIN FOR ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE Used to treat burns and wounds; heals environmentally damaged and sensitive skin; high in Vitamin A (restores healthy skin tissue) and C (antioxidants protect skin from free radicals).

The Paw Stick is a great idea. It has all of the benefits of the Paw Balm with the added ease of being made into a twist-stick. I absolutely love this safe, gentle treatment for Paddington's sore paw pads. It works wonders during harsh winter and summer climates, and is great for use on other animals such as bunnies!

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  1. I'm going to buy this for my dogs specially the nose balm their noses get so dry in winter! Thanks for the review!

  2. I love that they have safe, natural and organic grooming aids for pets now! We have to take care of them well also! These products sound like they are terrific also.
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