Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Silly Texas Weather..

I have been hearing about it snowing all over the US. My grandpa in Michigan has already gotten snowed in, and is soon to seek refuge by coming to Texas. It is already 71 degrees with a high of 81 today. I live very close to Houston, meaning it gets rather humid due to the gulf. Inevitably making the 81 degrees seem even warmer and worse than it has to be. If I could be somewhere that stayed a constant 65-70 degrees, I would be so happy. I feel like I miss out on the seasons here, as Texas seems to only offer Summer for about 8 months, followed by a few months of winter. Maybe, if we're lucky, we get a couple weeks of what could either be fall or spring weather (not even necessarily IN fall or spring). A couple weeks ago, we had a random freeze. It happened overnight, and killed off the rest of my vegetable garden. It has since rained a lot, and the ground is soft. Pliable. Perfect to start building things, preparing for the spring. I envision a chicken coop, a nicer fence for the dogs, and a better box garden set up. I am definitely going to take advantage of this nice summeresque weather while it lasts. In just a few days, it's predicted to be in the mid 30's.

Any plans to take advantage of this last bit of Autumn before it quietly fades away? Or perhaps winter has came early for you this year?


  1. We used to live in Texas:) I miss that warm weather:) We're below freezing now:(

  2. I lived in Houston for 5 years and definitely miss the mild winters. I'm in MA now and it's snowing as I write this comment. I like watching the snow fall, but hate having to drive in it :).

  3. We had our second snow on Long Island in a week. It was quite icy and so so cold today. We have about 2-4 inches.
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