Saturday, December 21, 2013

Vermont Soap Review and Giveaway!

About Vermont Soap

Vermont Soap Organics was created to manufacture and market high quality, unique and natural personal care products of usefulness and value; and to be an example of how corporations can be a tool for positive social change.

They emphasize on the wholeness and integration of the company departments through communication, participation in the growth process, and acceptance of responsibility among co-workers.

Vermont Soap pledges to conduct their business in an environmentally aware manner emphasizing reuse and recycling, the use of natural base ingredients, and the application of appropriate technology.

My Thoughts

Produce Magic
This spray is made with organic oils to help cleanse fruit or veggies before eating them. I love how using Produce Magic makes food taste better. The ingredients are simple yet powerful, making sure to wash away dirt, wax, pesticides, and other unwanted particles from my fruits/veggies. It is safe and non toxic as well as Cruelty Free, 100% Biodegradable, and detergent free.

Liquid Sunshine
I love how this is the fragrance free version of the world’s FIRST certified organic ZERO VOC surface cleaner. Fragrances often upset my allergies, so this solution is perfect for people like me. As advertised, it really does seem to clean everything under the sun. So to speak, as I am not going to try it on myself or my pets. I have used it for many things including cleaning doors, windows, kitchen floors, kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, etc. 

Pet Shampoo
I love my pets, but sometimes finding them quality products is a hard task. Luckily, Vermont Soap created the first USDA Certified Organic Pet Shampoo. Finally! A safe and nontoxic alternative to detergent and chemical cleaners has been made for our fur babies. I have always felt so bad washing my pets with nasty, chemical laden "shampoos". 

Shower Gel
I got to try out the Sweetgrass Shower Gel. My family and I really enjoyed the scent. If it were up to me, I probably would have chosen to try the Patchouli scent, but the Sweetgrass was such a nice surprise. The Vermont Soap Shower Gel is 100% natural and made with organic oils. It does not include foaming boosters, anti-microbials, artificial colors or fragrances.I found that this gel is great for males and females young and old. The scent is great and not gender specific, and the product itself has many uses. I have tried it as a shampoo and shaving gel (out of both laziness and curiosity). The Sweetgrass Shower Gel is now one of my favorite shower products. 

Foaming Hand Soap
I love this soap! I got to try the Tea Tree Mint as well as the Lavender Ecstasy scents. I wasn't a huge fan of the Tea Tree Mint, but I have never been a fan of mint scented or flavored anything. I do in fact love the Lavender scented soap though. It is gentle and relaxing. Perfect in every way. They also offer a Lemongrass (which sounds appealing) as well as an unscented version. This soap is all natural, made with organic oils, and leaves the hands feeling clean and soft. It creates a soft and luxurious lather without having to have the harmful chemicals most foaming cleansers tend to have. 

Honey Love Beauty Mask
The Honey Love is a conditioning and exfoliating facial treatment designed to help maintain healthy young looking ski. I like using products like this in hopes of keeping my skin tight and wrinkle free for as long as possible. I know I am a bit young to worry about it, but better to start early than to regret not starting soon enough later on in life. Organic honey is a mild natural chemical exfoliate, removing older, dead outer skin cells. This stimulates new young cells to be created underneath. 

 ChocoLuscious Organic Skin Smoothie
This moisturizer is a great way to keep your skin smooth and moisturized throughout your busy day. It is easily spread and absorbed, and doesn't leave a greasy feel or film. Your skin will love you for it, mine sure does! I really like the faint chocolate scent, even if it does make me want to eat it..

Organic Shea Butter
I really love how tiny this guy is! I can now easily carry the benefits of Shea Butter around in my pocket to use when most needed. I make sure to apply on my lips before going to sleep, but I have also used it as an ointment, soap additive, salve for sunburned skin and more. This is a great all around pocket sized solution for many common, everyday problems. 

Handmade Natural Bar Soaps
Vermont Soap has been handcrafting high quality soaps for over 20 years, and it takes them nearly a month to handcraft a bar of Vermont Soap. No wonder why seem to enjoy it so much. What can I say? My skin has fine taste! They make enough varieties that you are bound to find the perfect bar for your skin type. All of the bars are facial friendly, as they are gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin. In addition to cleansing your face and body, these natural bar soaps can be used for shaving as well! Out of all the scents and varieties Vermont Soap has to offer, I got to try the Woodspice Lumberjack Blend, Patchouli Hemp, Oatmeal Lavender, and Lemongrass. My family and I are very satisfied with the bars. The scents were spot on and the soap itself was better than expected. They all offered different qualities, living up to their names and descriptions. The Patchouli Hemp was hands down my favorite, as I knew it would be. 

Connect With Vermont Soap

Win your own set of Vermont Soap products! Featuring my 4 favorite items:
Produce Magic, Liquid Sunshine, Sweetgrass Shower Gel and the Pet Wash 
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