Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ez Squeezees Refillable Pouch Review

About EZ Squeezees

Developed in the open air farmers markets of Baltimore, EZ Squeezees is dedicated to helping you conveniently serve nourishing food time and again. The creators search to feed their own toddler well-balanced meals led them to one conclusion: their desire for convenient and nutritious meals was being capitalized on by the manufacturers of processed foods. They found themselves compromising on nutrition and paying an extortionate amount for the convenience of pre-packaged purees.

On a daily basis they have experienced the frustrations of feeding a toddler at meal time. They know what it’s like to waste money on jars and pouches of pre-made foods that may or may not be the flavor of the day. They knew we had a good idea in EZ Squeezees after easily feeding their daughter healthy, nutritious purees made from affordable foods.

 Conversations at local coffee shops, farmers markets and restaurants, combined with their formal market research, fueled their passion to bring this product to life. Although the intent was to simply feed their own child homemade meals, they quickly realized the potential for this reusable pouch. They began filling it with mashed potatoes while out to dinner and simply buying large jars of applesauce or yogurt with which to fill the pouch. Its ease of use was matched only by the money saved on their monthly grocery bills.

My Thoughts 

I love EZ Squeezees. They have saved my family and me so much money since getting them. I really like how the side unzips to let you fill the pouch. It makes it easier to use than the pouches that you fill from the top or bottom. The opposite side also has a large gusset that expands, allowing you to fill the pouch extremely full (6.5 oz full!). I found that this pouch was super easy to clean, which makes me love EZ Squeezee even more. They are dishwasher safe, though I don't own one. No worries though, as EZ Squeezee pouches are easy to clean by hand as well. I really like how they give you a space on the back to write what is in the pouch. This makes it easy to make a bunch of snack squeezes in advance and freeze them, take them on picnics, etc. You can even write a different name on each pouch to not get them mixed up. I am not sure why, but EZ Squeezees carries both the small and large caps. I have never seen that in a product, as it is always one or the other. I actually really dislike the larger caps. They are hard for me to unscrew. The smaller ones seem to twist off super easily. I was sent the large caps, but found that the small caps from other products fit the EZ Squeezee (although, I may just have to purchase some small EZ caps.. I have a problem with the caps being yellow and the pouches being white.) I found several must-try recipes on their webpage, and cannot wait to try them. I really want to try their recipe for Strawberry-Beet Squeezees.

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