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North Coast Organics Review*

North Coast Organics is Mother/Son run company that creates USDA Certified Organic~Vegan~Handmade personal care products that are both effective and enigmatic.  Nathan, the son, is the founder/product creator/CEO of North Coast Organics.  Since its founding in August 2012, North Coast Organics’ mission reflects Nathan’s 14 year personal commitment to all things vegan/organic/green/sustainable.  Nathan developed the very first product to match his lifestyle.

Demand grew and Nathan had to enlist the help of his mother, Debbie, to assist in production.  Debbie is a super crafty gal and was enthusiastic about helping out.  Once she learned the process and recipes from Nathan, she sought to perfect them.  They now co-own North Coast Organics.  She runs the production studio to meet the demand that he creates!  

North Coast Organics believes in making only certified organic, certified vegan, certified cruelty-free, sustainable, handmade products.  Each product they have unleashed since launch continues to demonstrate our unwavering adherence to their core beliefs.  

North Coast Organics is committed to making only 100% natural products because our bodies absorb the ingredients that we put on our skin.  Be good to your body by being good to your skin, the environment and the creatures that inhabit our beautiful planet. Shop Conscientiously & with Confidence with North Coast Organics.

North Coast Organics is Green Certified (  Our products are USDA Organic Certified, Vegan Certified (, PETA Certified (,  and Leaping Bunny (

 I am so lucky to have recently gotten to try a few items from North Coast Organics. They are an amazing vegan, eco-friendly, cruelty free and organic company. When they sent me three different varieties of their deodorants, I couldn't wait to try them out. I highly believe in using organic products for my body. The typical run of the mill leading brand deodorants contain many nasty ingredients, preventing the body form doing what it is supposed to do. I also tend to sweat a lot, and not that I want it to stop, sweating less would be nice. As would not having an odor. Luckily, North Coast Organics works really well. It prevents me from sweating on most occasions (other than when jogging or hiking in extreme humidity) as well as preventing me from smelling funky. 

Being such a huge Lavender fan it probably goes without saying that the Death by Lavender was my favorite scent. It is to die for!

Death will kill [odor] for you.  She relishes snuffing odor out. She bares her true face for it puts odor on notice.  Death is a cocky, elite assassin that will never miss her target.  She is unlike any other deodorant you will meet.

Although a ruthless killer [of odor], she has a soul.  She utilizes only the finest, organic, all natural ingredients as her weapons. This container is recyclable and resusable. The labels are printed in vegan ink on 100% Tree Free/100% Fair Trade Certified Paper.

I really also enjoyed both the Naked and Revolver deodorants. 

The Naked Deodorant is formulated to be gentle on your skin and harsh on odor.  naked uses the minimal amount of the finest, natural ingredients to ensure that you do not stink and your underarms are not harmed. It amazes me how something so natural and unscented prevents me from stinking up a storm. Perfect for days when my nose is too sensitive for wearing scented products.

Ingredients(Vegan): coconut oil*, carnauba wax*, arrowroot powder* & baking soda
*certified organic

The Revolver Deodorant  is unlike any other deodorant you will ever use.  Revolver shoots down odor wherever it lurks and will never miss its target.  Unholster Revolver today and send odor to an early grave. This scent is so earthy and fantastic. I absolutely love it.

 Coming soon!!

Disclosure: I received the above item in return for an honest, sincere review. I was not expected to leave a positive review, and would never post something I didn't feel fully confident in. No monetary compensation was provided. The above opinion is the sole opinion of me and my family, and may differ from your own. I am disclosing in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255. 

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