Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday! (cue the eye rolls)

This was me a couple years ago. 

Looking back on the way my life was at that time brings so many emotions and memories. A lot of things, too personal to mention, seemed to all happen to me at once. The most tragic being when I was held up at gun point and robbed in my own home (living alone at the time, so imagine the fear!) and my mothers heart attack. It seemed to all happen at once. I got robbed and the next day it seems, my mom was in the hospital from a heart attack. I am not one for dwelling on the past, but I do tend to wonder how life would be right now if things went differently. Being scared for my life, I packed up and moved to a new city for awhile, changing schools, meeting new people, and discovering even more about myself. If it weren't for those tragic events, I would not be who I am today. Although I am not thankful for those events, I am glad I was able to recover from them, proving to myself that I am a lot stronger and more capable than I thought I was. 

Keeping a smile on my face has always been the one thing I can count on. No matter what, it seems to trick my mind into being more positive, eventually helping me to change my outlook on life. I am now starting to love life again, and it is wonderful to be able to smile and mean it! 

Don't take your life for granted! Nothing is guaranteed, and life is what you make it :)


  1. Wow! You've have an inspirational past two years. I'm so happy that you're in such a good place right now :)

  2. I cannot believe what you have been through!