Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Purple Praire Botanicals Review

"Oh My Goodness!!", was all I could say after opening the mailbox the day our Purple Prairie package arrived. The scents were so invigorating, so vibrant and full of life. I could not wait get back inside, so that my sisters could all help open it. 

The soaps were to die for! Well... maybe not literally.  But they were wonderful! The scents were strong, but not overwhelming.  I have pretty sensitive skin, but none of the soaps bothered me in any way. My favorite bar was the Peaceful Prairie. It was obvious why after I read the ingredients. It contains chamomile and lavender, and I am a huge fan of both! So the combination was awesome. I loved the aromatherapy aspects of this bar, and I let myself get taken away as the steam surrounded my body. It was a great way to relax my tired mind, and soothe my soul.

After my lovely bath, I just had to try Purple Prairies Organic Olive Oil Lotions. The lavender was my favorite. I use a lot of lavender based products in my day to day, but this one really stood out. The scent really lasted, and kept my skin smelling great for hours. The Lemon and Shea lotion was great as well. The scent was awakening and uplifting, but the Lavender lover in me tells me that my sisters will be using most of the Lemon and Shea, while I keep my favorite to myself ;) You can really tell that Purple Prairie uses the finest essential oils!

Luckily for us, our package from Purple Prairie got here quicker than expected! We had a hiking trip planned, and all 5 of us (including my dog Paddington) got to try out the Bug Spray. It worked so well. Being so newly into the "green" movement, I didn't see how a bug repellent could work without chemicals. But boy, was I wrong! The smell was actually pleasant, the formula was quick to try and non sticky, AND it actually worked! It kept the bugs off of us, and for the first time ever, Paddington came home without a single flea!

During our hike, we also took advantage of Purple Prairies Sunstick. We love being outside, so finding a trustworthy suncare product was big on our list after switching to the Green lifestyle. Thankfully, Purple Prairie makes suncare super easy: I can pronounce every word on their super short list of ingredients, and the convenient little tube it comes in makes for easy carrying and simple application. It is a bit hard to use on the face, but it is easy to apply by using your finger.

So how do I like Purple Prairie you ask? I don't.

I LOVE them!

Purple Prairie is an awesome company, see for yourself:

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