Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kleb Woods Nature Preseve

It is always remarkable how quickly the weather can drop. Here in Texas, cold weather is never taken lightly. We tend to freak out about it. The weather here in general changes A LOT. At least we where I live it does. It dropped almost 40 degrees in the matter of 24 hours. The high today was in the low fifties.This kind of weather makes me so giddy. I am not a huge fan of the freezing cold, but a proper chill is rather enjoyable. I chose today to visit the woods, after throwing together my first ever pork loin. I discovered this little gem several years ago as a young teen. It has really expanded since then. I have loved watching it grow up, so to speak. I have lived many places throughout the years, but I always find myself coming back here.

There are many trails throughout the 133.5 acres of luscious woods. More and more signs have popped up, informing me about the flora, buildings, machinery, and several other park amenities. While more trails have been created, and old ones made more accessible and family friendly. I could easily spend hours here.
I always find interesting things, like that fuzzy yellow guy.

Despite the cold weather, some things continue to grow. It amazes me how this place keeps a running garden going. I saw some tiny eggplant as well as several flower gardens dedicated to hummingbirds and butterflies. I didn't see any of those guys today, but I look forward to seeing them again in the spring.
My all time favorite discovery at Kleb Woods was the windmill in the woods. There is a funny little sign saying "Why is there is windmill in the woods? Where are the woods in the windmill." There is actually a clever little tree growing right through the middle of of it! I have no idea how old the windmill is, but seeing old thins like this really makes me ponder about the lives that went on when this windmill was in working condition.

Are there any places like this around where you live, or that you like to visit whenever you get the chance?

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