Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bulu Box Review

This is not my first subscription box, not by a long shot, but it is the first one I have actually purchased in awhile. Okay okay. I didn't pay a dime, I used a coupon code (I was still required to use a credit card to sign up. Although I used a gift card due to expire.). Before buying a box, I like to browse the net for coupons, oftentimes finding some for entirely free boxes! With Bulu I got to try it free because I was a first time subscriber. On many blogs I have read, the reviewer seems to be too kind sometimes when it comes to subscription boxes. I feel as if they are not getting the point. I want the box because of the surprise (same as them), BUT I also require the items to be something of interest to me. Like, something I would probably buy anyway. The subscription boxes I have tried in the past are usually a let down, being full of junky items, gross flavors, and lame giftcards. To me, a giftcard being added into a subscription box is a joke. They just use that as a ploy to convince us that the box is worth way more than it really is. My biggest gripe with subscription boxes is the sheer amount of waste. So much paper and cardboard just to be trashed. We should be able to send the box back for reuse or proper recycling. Just a thought.

Anywho! I recently received the Bulu November Box, and was not too thrilled about it.

First Glance, lots of wasteful inserts, some with useful info, but could be found online.

I typically hate waste, but this is useful, so I accept.

Ooh, a pink envelope.

Ah.. Bummer. That giftcard junk I was talking about. You want it? Take it. -"$30 value"

So colorful and shiny! Only one product I have not heard of- YaffBAR

Yes, they work! I feel all tweaked out as we speak. I love Energems, but this is not my favorite flavor. I detest mint anything (seriously, I gag when brushing my teeth), but tried it anyway. Weird aftertaste that only kept getting worse. Value-$2.83

In comes NeoCell to save the day! The chew is not as bad as I thought it would be, and took away the weird taste left on my palette thanks to Energems. I would definitely try them again. This pack says "free sample" but to be fair, if you do the math, it is worth about $0.35

Interesting flavor. I have never actually had a PoweBar product before, but I am familiar with them. Says it is made with real fruit, but being produced by Nestle, I beg to differ. We seem to have a different idea of what "real food" is. It certainly isn't something full of GMOs... Value- $2.19

I have had the drinks before. The first time I was stupid and didn't read the label. I drank the entire bottle. It was tiny afterall. Little did I know that it was 2 whole servings. I felt like I was on crack. (noooo I haven't done it, but one can only assume it feels that way) I am afraid to try because I HATE watermelon flavor, and watermelons in general. Like I mentioned before, subscription boxes seem to love sending the icky flavors. Value- $1

FINALLY! A product I was pleased with. This was my first experience with YaffBAR, and I really enjoyed it. Even Paddington loved it. I love the idea of getting to share a bar with my dog. I swear I scoured the internet about a month ago trying to find a product like this. I didn't want to make a purchase, but was curious to see if this market has already been tapped. I wanted to start my own people/dog granola bars. Oh well. YaffBar got there first. the only issue I had with it is the sheer amount of sugar. 18g! Honey is the first ingredient. Sugar is sugar, and it isn't good for us or dogs. Value- $3
So all in all, the box is worthless a total of $9.37.
Since the box costs $10, I would have lost money had I actually paid for it.

Will I be subscribing?

Absolutely not.

Have you tried Bulu Box before? What is your opinion on it?

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  1. You know, I had a similar experience with them. I do appreciate them offering the first box for free, but it just wasn't very impressive and I didn't feel like the value was there. I never got around to reviewing them for that very reason! Oops.