Sunday, December 1, 2013

November at a Glance

For being young, I am honestly a very boring person. I don't get out much because I choose not to, but when I do, I have tons of fun. I love outdoor adventures, especially during the fall. I was lucky enough to get to go hiking several times this month upon other things. I made the best sushi I have ever eaten, enjoyed several nights under a full moon, hung out with some great friends I haven't seen in years, got to experience the gradual changing of the leaves (a sight not often seen in southern Texas), taught my dog to howl and sneeze on command, witnessed my indoor spider friend catching and eating a meal in her web, harvested the last of my crops before the freeze came, discovered a few new delicious craft beers, cooked an entire Thanksgiving meal with the help of the boyfriend whom fried the turkey, and to end it all we had a fantastic picnic of turkey day leftovers on the last day of November followed by some disc golf.

How was your November?


  1. Such beautiful shots! I love all the cool details of nature. You should post a video of your dog sneezing on command - that sounds impressive. I can't believe November is already over! I'm not ready to end 2013 & it's coming up fast!

    1. Thank you so much! I don't have a camera, so I have to use my camcorder. It does a decent job, but the videos turn out much better. I really should post a video of him sneezing! It is absolutely adorable. It started by him sneezing when not wanting to do other tricks, mainly roll over. He hates that one! I know! I am missing autumn before it is even fully finished. I live in Texas though, so it isn't too cold yet. Today was probably in the high 60's.