Thursday, December 5, 2013

Silly Texas Weather part 2

So remember how yesterday I was boasting about getting to enjoy 80 degree weather? Well a lot has changed in roughly 24 hours. I can literally hear the cold front coming in. The wind is whirring and the leaves are spiraling around like mad. The birds have been singing all day, do they enjoy this weather? Either way, I fed them a giant breakfast of wild bird seed while on my morning walk. The thermostat reads 40, and the winds are at about 10mph. All I can say is.. Silly Texas Weather!


  1. I think the weather is strange all over. Here in NY we have one day 50 degrees and then the next day it could go to 10 degrees and snowing. We have to be prepared for anything.
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  2. I love autumn very much. Now it is autumn in my country. It was a beautiful scene when everything was yellow but now nothing on trees..