Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fall in Love this Valentines with Whiskey Bottom Candle Company

My family and I have really enjoyed using Whiskey Bottom candles and melts so far. Even before melting/lighting, their scents were profound. Upon first glance, the products looked really nice with unique labeling and packaging. I was sent several scents to try; two candles and three packages of melts.

I tend to use a lot of wax melts in my day-to-day. They don't bother my nose as much and tend to be a lot safer. Despite that fact, I really wanted to see what Whiskey Bottom's candles were all about. I love the idea that the wax is poured into old wine and whiskey bottles. That is upcycling at its finest!

I want to point out how great it is that the Cedar Forest candle label says "soy tarts" when in fact, it should say "soy candle". It proves just how wonderfully handmade these candles are. Machines don't tend to make many mistakes, but they also cut out the need for real people having jobs and use a lot of electricity.. I love it! That one tiny flaw makes this candle even more perfect!

Beyond labels, the Cedar Forest scent itself is fantastic. It is also very aesthetically pleasing, and I am proud to have it burning in my home. I am also a bit of a hoarder upcycling fanatic, and will definitely be turning these into something after the soy itself is long gone. This candle has many scents, all of which I love. The fact that Whiskey Bottom has combined them all together just makes me smile. Rich and complex, this scent offers top notes of leather, tobacco, amber and musk, with bottom notes of black tea and pepper. At its base, this candle features the scent of aged teakwood with patchouli and sandalwood. This is truly a scent to be remembered! I am SO beyond stoked that this is not a seasonal scent.

I also received a Whiskey Bottom candle cleverly called Great Pumpkin. It reminds me of being a kid and watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". Not only does the name remind me of those times, but the scent does as well. The Great Pumpkin candle just screams fall. I love it! It is so relaxing and comforting. When it is lit I sometimes like to sit in a comfy recliner chair with a hot cup of tea and just close my eyes. This candle makes me feel so cozy with its intoxicating scent of spiced pumpkin drizzled with caramel and a light hint of coffee.

First off, WOW! These have got to be the largest soy tarts I have ever seen! And secondly, ohhhmygod. These things smell delicious! I did happen to choose very food-esque scents, but I usually love them. The softer scents of baked goods don't often hurt my nose and sinuses as other scents would. I cannot tolerate scents like pear, rose, cucumber, ocean breeze, etc. The list goes on and on. Any slight disagreement sends my sinuses into max pressure mode and I end up going to bed early with a headache. With that being said, these scents are pretty neutral, with a slight exception of the berries.

The Cupcake soy tarts are utterly delightful. The first time I tried one of them on my warmer it melted perfectly sending its scent around the house within minutes. Mmm. It really does smell like freshly baked cupcakes. It reminds me of the times spent following my Mom around in the kitchen, begging to lick the bowl. I always got the batter in my hair and all over my face. What a brat I was! This candle is the ultimate indulgence with aromas of buttery cake topped with a sweet, whipped icing. This scent seems to last for almost 3 days being on my tart warmer consistently without ever being turned off. Totally worth every penny for sure! The Vanilla Berry smells so yummy, but I find that I half to mix it with the Cupcake to not cause sinus problems. The Blueberry Crumble is like that for me as well. I wish that wasn't the case, as both of the scents are beautiful on their own, as is the Cupcake. I hate having to use the Cupcake tarts up in order to enjoy the scents of the other two, but I suppose it is worth it! They all smell wonderful together, and make me feel like a tart mixin' chemist! haha

All in all, the Whiskey Bottom Soy Tarts have exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be getting more of these! Maybe in the Great Pumpkin and Cedar Forest scents this time. I super loved those!

Disclosure: I received the above item in return for an honest, sincere review. I was not expected to leave a positive review, and would never post something I didn't feel fully confident in. No monetary compensation was provided. The above opinion is the sole opinion of me and my family, and may differ from your own. I am disclosing in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.

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  1. I would love to try the The Cupcake soy tarts, it sounds fabulous! I also love Pumpkin scents and find it very relaxing.
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