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End of Summer Must Have!! Super Salve Company Review

The Super Salve Company was created by Denise Tracy Cowan in 1990 after her late husband, Randy Fabres (a Grand Canyon river guide), asked her to formulate a salve that would prevent and heal foot fungus, which debilitated a large portion of the crew and passengers on extended Grand Canyon river trips. The results were amazing and the acceptance was universal. Denise could not keep this incredible salve in stock.
 Hence, The Super Salve Company was born!

Over the years, Denise has received thousands of letters from fans, praising the properties and purity of her products. She only uses responsible sources of organically farmed herbs, oils, essential oils, butters and waxes. The Super Salve Company’s goal is to produce the highest quality products with the finest ingredients at a reasonable price, using only recyclable, earth-friendly packaging.

The Super Salve Company products are manufactured, packaged, and shipped directly from her factory (located near the ghost town of Mogollon, New Mexico) enabling the highest degree of quality control and quick response to orders from her customers.
 When my package arrived from the Super Salve Co., I was so excited, I tore right into it! I was sore and had a headache from cleaning and yard work the previous days, and was interested to see how well they worked when I needed it most. I was sent The Super Pack. It contains one of each of their salves in a large, fancy tin!


Salves include: Calendula Salve, Sun Salve, Arnica Salve, and the infamous Super Salve. All of which I was delighted to try!

Arnica cordifolia ~ common name “Leopard’s Bane." This salve works fast and effectively on muscle aches, joints and tension. It also helps heal sprains, bruising and swelling. Rubbed on temples and back of neck for headaches, this salve will stimulate circulation and healing.

    • excellent for body builders

    • not recommended for use during pregnancy or on open wounds

    • external use only

    • keep away from children

CONTAINS: Olive oil; organic arnica flowers; sweet almond oil; beeswax, cocoa butter; African shea butter; vitamin E oil; and pure essential oils of wintergreen, camphor, ginger, clove, cayenne, and a variety of mints and sages.

My Experience: This was the first of the salves I tried. I rubbed it on my shoulders, wrists, temples, and the nape of my neck. I love the way it creates a pleasant, warming sensation followed by a gentle cooling tingle. It helped me finish my daily tasks without being bothered by those annoying aches and pains I was feeling prior to the salve. I applied it once again before bed, and was able to rest comfortably. It is now something I put on my temples before yoga and meditation to help soothe my mind and get rid of those annoying headaches. 

(Calendula officinale, common name “Marigold”) In ancient times, Calendula was used for beautifying purposes and especially for toning the skin. Today, cosmetic experts praise calendula for its rejuvenating and healing effects on injured and damaged skin.

    • excellent for sensitive skin

    • for face & body

    • sunburn & windburns

    • scars & wrinkle treatment

    • protects skin from dehydration

    • antioxidant, fights free radicals

CONTAINS: Olive oil; organic calendula flowers; beeswax; African shea butter; cocoa butter; mango butter; sweet almond oil; jojoba oil; neem oil; vitamin E oil; and pure essential oils of sweet orange, lemon, and tangerine.

My Experience: This salve was perfect for my dry, painful sunburn. I do love aloe for sunburns, but this salve has spoiled me. It contains so many awesome ingredients that soften the skin while soothing burns or itchy skin. I have sensitive skin and always worry about what I put on it, especially my face. This salve leaves me worry free! I now put it on before going outside as well as after showering to prevent my skin from drying out and getting flaky.

Super Salve (All Purpose) is an antioxidant salve for the soothing and healing relief of dry and cracked skin, chapped lips, abrasions, eczema, and insect bites. Fights free radicals. A potent medicinal herbal salve created for the harsh environment of the desert southwest. Originated for Grand Canyon river runners and hikers.

   • Chaparral Leaf - slows down the rate of bacterial growth and kills the bacteria with anti-microbial activity. Great in the first aid kit for skin abrasions and injuries.

   • Echinacea Flower - has caffeic acidglycoside, which reacts with other substances in the body's cells. This facilitates the wound healing process. Excellent for drawing out poisons such as ant bites, bee stings, jellyfish stings, and many more.

   • Hops Flower - A very powerful herb for decreasing painful swelling and inflamed pneumatic pain. Contains two antibiotic substances: humulon and lupulon, both effective on staph and other skin bacteria.

   • Usnea Moss - Usnea, with its usnic acid and other compounds is useful for burns and athletes foot.

CONTAINS: Olive oil; organic chaparral leaf; comfrey leaf; echinacea flower; hops flower; usnea moss; beeswax; cocoa butter; sweet almond oil; vitamin E oil; and pure essential oils of lemon, lemon grass, lavender, tea tree, and cajaput.

My Experience: Just look at all of those awesome herbal ingredients!! Since this salve arrived, I have used it for all kinds of things. With the mosquitoes being horrible right now, I carry this salve everywhere. I put it on immediately after noticing a bite, and BAM!, the itch is soothed. It works great on the bottoms of my feet (I go barefoot a lot!) I actually enjoy it on my lips when they are chapped, making this salve my go to cure all! I recommend everyone keep some of this in their purse. You never know when/what you will need, and this makes it easy to keep it simple!

Sun Salve Herbal Sunscreen
This sun salve soothes and heals the skin.

    • excellent for face and body

    • all natural ingredients: comfrey leaf,

      African shea butter, jojoba oil

    • contains lemon grass oil, a mild

      insect repellent

    • avoid contact with the eyes

CONTAINS: Olive oil, beeswax, organic comfrey leaf oil, African shea butter, jojoba oil, active sunscreen ingredients (5% zinc oxide and 5% Avobenzone), cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, and pure essential oils of lemongrass and lavender oil.

My Experience: Yet another great salve! It not only contains SPF to prevent sunburn, but has properties to soothe a preexisting burn. It also repels those persistent insects, with the help of lemon grass oil!

Overall- these salves have been a lifesaver! I can see myself using them for a long time. The Super Salve Company has gained yet another loyal fan!


Disclosure: I received the above item/s in return for an honest, sincere review. I was not expected to leave a positive review, and would never post something I didn't feel fully confident in. No monetary compensation was provided. The above opinion is the sole opinion of me and my family, and may differ from your own. I am disclosing in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.  

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