Sunday, May 22, 2016

Did I Ever Mention I Own Hens?!! And that I tend to spoil them silly?

 I have always had a fascination with chickens. Since moving to the country, it has been on my list to get a small flock going. In February I brought home 6 little Black Sex Link chicks. (They are called "sex link" due to the fact that you can determine what gender they are by the way they are colored. The females are all black, while the males will have white on their heads. Making this an easy breed to distinguish right away. I did not want any accidental roosters.) The next day, I went back to the feed store and you guessed it, came home with another armful of chicks. 4 adorable Golden Sex Links this time. 

So I went from dreaming of owning hens despite not really knowing much about them, to trying to cram as much chicken info into my brain (and chicken board, Homestead | Chickens on my Pinterest account) as possible while tending to 10 fussy little chicks. I don't advise doing that at all! I think it would have been best to learn and prepare more before taking some babies under my wing, but I am in love with all of my hens and wouldn't change a thing!

I treat my chickens like I do any of my other pets. They are absolutely spoiled! They are often getting fresh fruit and veggies, and sometimes they even get a cooked meal! It should come as no surprise that I like keeping a good supply of chicken treats on hand as well. When Treats for Chickens offered to send me a variety of their chicken treats, I was thrilled! They make all sorts of awesome organic chicken treats, sure to drive wild even the pickiest of fowl.

Chicken Crack: I love the name! (Actually, I love the names of all their products) They treats are perfectly named! My hens are definitely addicted to Chicken Crack, and have started recognizing the bag. Chicken Crack is a combination of certified organic grains, seeds, dried meal worms and dried river shrimp. My hens go wild for it!

I have one hen who particularly loves the Chicken Crack. She has a condition known as Scissor Beak, or Crossed Beak. It is when the top and bottom beaks do not align properly. It can be caused by injury, genetics, or when the chickens do not have access to rocks or a similar surface to file their beaks on. I think hers is genetic, as I started noticing it when she was tiny. It doesn't seem to hinder her in anyway, especially if I keep it trimmed down and filed for her. She is actually one of my larger hens, and one of the best eaters in the flock! She is affectionately known as Miss Scissors, and is known for her addiction to Chicken Crack! She is so persistent about getting into the bag that she will follow me around, crow at me, fly up at me, and sit on my feet until she gets what she wants! I let her eat of the bag since it is easier for her to use her bottom beak as a scoop.

Pullet Together: Another perfectly named product! A pullet is a young hen, less than one year old. My hens are pullets, as they are all about 8 months old. Pullet Together is made with wheat, barley, oats, cracked corn, oyster shell, sunflower seeds, and dried meal worms. You can see Lola giving me the evil eye wile trying to snap some pics. It is now her favorite! I can't even scatter it onto the ground without her attempting to get into the bag.

Nesting Box Blend: This is a humane, non-toxic, and eco friendly way to ward off all of the creepy crawlies and bugs that bug your chickens! You just add it during regular cleanings to keep your chickens calm and free of mites, lice, etc. It also helps to keep the hens calm while laying eggs. I bet it even helps prevent mice since it contains peppermint and some other herbs know to be avoided by mice. What's even more awesome is that you can add it right in with your diatomaceous earth. Right now my hens have been laying in the yard, but we are building them a larger coop and will be adding some top notch nesting boxes! (aka milk crates with hand sewn curtains) So I am saving this until then. I cannot wait to try it out. The blend itself looks and smells awesome, and contains several things I don't currently grow in my garden. It is an organic blend of lavender, chamomile, peppermint, wormwood, tansy, Eucalyptus leaves, Calendula (marigold!), catnip and spearmint! If you'd like to learn more about nesting box blends, visit The Nesting Box on the Treats for Chickens website.

Treats for Chickens also sent me several little packets of samples! I will definitely be purchasing some of these in full-size, as my gals are really digging some of them! 

I love watching them scratch around in the dirt looking for worms and their new treats! They are so cute!! Now that they are fat and full, they are nestling into some nice cool earth, flapping dirt into their feathers. It is time for me to fill up my coffee, and sit back and relax!

Do you have chickens at home?

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  1. I didn't know you could tell chickens apart by there color. I really like your pictures of your Chickens.

    1. The color thing Is with only some chickens....the sex link chickens were bred so that males and females appear colored differently so it's easier to sex them as newborn chicks. Others aren't quite so easy, and some chickens are hard to tell sexes until the boys start crowing!

    2. My parents always had Atleast a few chickens around when I was growing up and my mom has buff orpingtons now..... I just got my first chickens this summer....cochin bantams.... Love the little feather footed ones..,, I'd love to try these treats, I think my babies would enjoy them. I did buy them some mealworms the other day and they loved them!