Sunday, May 3, 2015

Confession: I am addicted to socks- featuring Socksmith

I cannot believe I haven't mentioned it until now. I am a total sock junkie. Which is actually kind of odd because my feet tend to sweat a lot, and don't really appreciate the sock wearing. Alas, that is a different story. I love socks, so who cares what my feet want?!

I have been collecting socks since I was a little girl. My mom always bought me the craziest socks, and it has kind of stuck with me ever since. As I got older, I would do little jobs around the house or yard to save up for my sock fund. I love how socks are such a simple way of showing off your personality without dressing like a crazy person.

I was really excited when I stumbled across Socksmith. They carry one of the widest selections of socks I have ever laid eyes on. Socksmith is based in Santa Cruz and was created by Ellen and Eric Gil 25 years ago. I love how they started creating socks they wish existed, because I always wanted socks like these.

I especially love the owl socks! (I have been collecting owls for quite some time now) The pair shown above (and below) are the Horned Owl socks. The pair of owl socks shown below that are Night Owl Socks in red.

The next pair of socks were a surprise pair. I am not a huge fan of little dogs (especially the ones that cannot seem to breathe..), but I think pugs looks hilarious. So these Pugs socks were a delight, to say the least!

These Sushi socks are pretty freakin' cool! I am a huge fan of sushi. I was eating so much of it, I had to learn to make it myself. It is actually really fun and easy!You can find my recipe for sushi here: sushi recipe. These socks are a constant reminder of my love of sushi, and they are adorable!

I also really loved the Yellow Submarine socks. I grew up listening to The Beatles, so it was only natural that I would be keen on these socks!

I was also sent a pair of Giraffe Knee High socks. I unfortunately forgot to specify which color choice I wanted, and was sent the black pair instead of the really cute yellow pair. The black pair is cute too, but I think the yellow ones would have been way cuter, and I would have worn them a lot more. Apparently, I learned a lesson. Always specify which color you want! A lot of these socks have different color options, which I would have chosen instead. Opps.. Which ones do you like more? See the comparison below:

The last pair of socks I was sent were the Foxy Love socks. I love this pair! They are so adorable! Even my sisters cat loved them :) ;) But again.. I should have specified because I would have loved the brown!

Socksmith literally has so many cute socks it hurts. I want to own every.single.pair but there is NO WAY! Even though their prices are great ($7.50/pair avg) I could not afford them all as there are so many different styles.

 These cute socks are a perfect stocking stuffer gift, and a great way to show someone you care about that you know their personality!

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