Friday, May 1, 2015

Piece of the Week: Noonday Collection

Lately I have had a fascination with jewelry. Bracelets, cuffs in particular, are my new obsession. I often find myself browsing around online for literally hours a day looking at all kinds of beautiful pieces of jewelry. Pieces that make me smile, pieces that bring back fond memories, and pieces that get my imagination running.

When I saw the new Featherweight Cuff from the Noonday Collection, I had to have it. It is so beautiful, I am in awe every time I put it on. I just sit and explore the etchings with my eyes, absorbing ideas for some artwork of my very own.
 I have the perfect thing to try to etch something wonderful into. I will share that in due time! 

This bracelet has been on my wrist Every. Single. Day. since it arrived in the mail. I am absolutely in love, and I know you will be too! It is a treasure. It is made with love in Vietnam using sustainably harvested buffalo horn, so the shades vary. It would be awesome to own a couple different ones, which is totally doable at only $46 per piece! Just look at how intricate it is:

I absolutely adore how it looks when I am wearing it. I have already gotten so many compliments. I am used to strangers grabbing my arm and touching my tattoo (yes, that literally happens almost every time I go out. My boyfriend thinks it's a riot.. :| ) But now people are doing the same thing to get a good look at this cuff. I cannot believe the reaction it is getting! It is rather beautiful, so I guess it is to be expected. Everyone is shocked when I tell them it was less than $50! Not only do you score a great piece of jewelry when you make a purchase, but your purchase actually restores dignity to the abandoned women in Ethiopia, empowers communities in Ecuador, and creates business opportunities for Ugandans! 

How cool is that?!
(read their story here)

The Featherweight Cuff is new to the Noonday Collection, but I imagine it will be going fast! There are a few pieces I think would pair nicely with the cuff, so I attempted to make a style guide collage. 
If you have any tips or know of any apps to use, feel free to leave them in the comments.

d. Cow Horn Hoops- $28

I am anxious to take a sneak peek at their Winter 2014 Lookbook (coming out Oct. 9). Their pieces are epically gorgeous, so I cannot wait to see what their newest collection will hold! Make sure to check it out!

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  1. This Cuff isn't a piece of Jewelry, it looks like a piece of Art. I think its wonderful that it also helps women who are abandoned women in Ethiopia and helps communities in Ecuador.

  2. That is a nice cuff! I'm obsessed about bracelets, I find it hard to not indulge. I don't have super nails or anything, but it is the bracelet I love, not how it looks on me!!!