Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mini Carrot Spice Muffins and Cookies Recipe for DOGS!

These recipes are my own! I love baking, but hate worrying about eating too much. I started baking treats for my dogs so that I can keep doing what I love without snacking (too much anyway!) I do taste each treat to see what they taste like. Since I use all organic, human-grade ingredients I am not worried one bit! They are actually quite tasty, just a little too bland for my taste. 

I am known for my sweet tooth!..

In the spirit of fall (even though I live in southern Texas and it is literally still in the 90's) I thought I would strap on my apron and get to testing some fall inspired recipes guaranteed to keep the dogs begging for more! 

If you end up making these treats yourself, let me know how your dogs like them! 

And feel free to send me your pics at to be featured on my blog! 

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