Thursday, September 11, 2014

Marich Chocolate Review

"After a lifetime of working for others, he felt it was time to venture out on his own. In 1983 Marinus and several partners founded Marich Confectionery Company. We (Brad pictured upper right/middle and Troy upper right) started working at the company sweeping floors and cleaning before being granted the right to learn the craft. Our dad’s philosophy was, “You cannot be a leader if you do not understand the job from the ground up. Once you learn how to keep a plant clean, you can learn how to make candy.” Being old-school Dutch, our Dad put us to the tasks of cleaning toilets, sweeping, making boxes and whatever had to be done. Over the years we both learned the art of fine candy making along side our Dad. True to family business form, we also learned to weld stainless, sweat copper, install equipment, electrical work and all the types of things that have to be done to keep a business running.” Anyone in a family business reading this is smiling… you know what we’re talking about!

After nearly 30 years we continue to enjoy building our business together and yes, we still eat chocolate. Honestly, rarely a day goes by that we don’t eat at least a little. If you are a candy maker, you have to love candy and you have to be a perpetual kid. Work should be fun; if it’s not, it is a miserable way to spend the better part of your day." Read the whole Marich story here!

I was so thrilled to get to try out several items from Marich Confectionery. I am a huge chocoholic, so it was hard to pick what I wanted to try. They offer confections of all sorts, ranging from Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans to Jelly Beans and other sweets. See what I picked below:

I love their packaging! So bright and colorful.

After my box of Marich goodies arrived, it was extremely difficult to decide what to eat first. they all looked delectable, and my mouth was watering before I opened a single package. After much debate, I decided to go with the Barista Blend Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans.

These Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans are the best I have ever had. All 4 varieties of chocolate taste of premium quality, and the beans add a tasty bite. I absolutely love how creamy the chocolate is, and how they melt so easily in your mouth.

Next up, I tried the Green Beans. The Marich Confectionery All Natural Green Jelly Beans. I love how the colors and the flavors both pop, creating an exciting experience while munching on these fine candies. I am the type of person who eats one bean at a time, trying to decide what the flavor is. I will then start experimenting with different combinations, creating the perfect mouthful of jelly beans.

Next I tried the Mint Chip Maltballs. Mint Chocolate Chip is one of my favorite ice cream flavors, so this malt ball had a lot to live up to. Boy did it ever meet if not exceed my expectations. These malt balls are so yummy! I cannot eat just one. They are dark chocolate covered maltballs redipped into a mint cookie confection. Absolute perfection! 

I am a lover a salted caramel. Add chocolate to that, and BOOM! I am in love. That is what happened when I took my first bite of Marich Confectionery's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels. The chocolate is just dark enough to compliment the sweet, creamy caramel, boasting a hint of salt with every bite. I think these might be my favorite Marich chocolate.

Next, I decided to try the Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Blueberries. WOW! Were these ever delicious! I have had chocolate covered fruit before, but these babies take the cake. The blueberries were my personal favorite. Dried blueberries in dark chocolate and a fruity blueberry white chocolate mixed with dried strawberries in rich dark chocolate and silky strawberry white chocolate makes the perfect chocolate covered fruit combination.

Lastly, I tried the Marich Robin Eggs. I no longer see them on the site for sale, sadly. They were not very good to eat, but were very pleasing to the eyes. I love that shade of blue! They seemed a bit hard, and the taste wasn't that great.

Disclosure: I received the above item in return for an honest, sincere review. I was not expected to leave a positive review, and would never post something I didn't feel fully confident in. No monetary compensation was provided. The above opinion is the sole opinion of me and my family, and may differ from your own. I am disclosing in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.  

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  1. I would love to try Marich Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Blueberries. It looks delicious.