Sunday, November 20, 2016

Antioxidant Rich Raw Chocolate Smoothie

Since my other smoothie recipe was such a big hit, I decided to share another one with you guys! I actually came up with this recipe before the Energizing Lemon Blueberry Smoothie recipe, but didn't think about sharing it until now!

I try to pack as many servings of fruit, veggies, vitamins and antioxidants as possible into each smoothie I make. It is a ridiculously easy way to get all of the nutrients you need without having to think about it too much. Plus, if you consume the smoothie in the morning, it is an excellent jump start to your day! I can really tell the difference in my day to day depending on if I had time to make and enjoy a smoothie before my day starts.

One of my favorite smoothie combos are blueberries and chocolate.
For this specific recipe, I went with mixed berries 

Blueberries are high in antioxidants and they taste friggin' delicious!
SO delicious in fact, that when I spilled my pint of fresh organic blueberries last week, I simply rinsed off the dog hair and debris, and happily munched out on them anyway.. 
(The five second rule quickly turned into a 5 minute rule when I had to fight off three dogs to capture my precious berries... They love fruits and veggies!)

Blueberries are also known to improve memory function and reduce the effects of aging!

Raw Cacao Nibs are amazing! They are yummy straight out of the bag, on yogurt, in salad, or anything your beautiful brain can think up.
Like blueberries, cacao is FULL of antioxidants! But what Cacao is most know for their flavonoid content. (Also found in berries, as well as tea and grapes!!) Studies suggest flavonoids may help prevent things like cancer and Alzheimer's.

I hope you learned a couple things, and are inspired to make some healthy decisions today!
Smoothies are so much fun, as you can really vary the recipe any way you want!

Feel free to use some honey for added sweetness.
I also drizzled organic chocolate syrup around the inside of my jar.