Friday, October 24, 2014

Piping Rock Essential Oils

Ever since I was little, I have been using essential oils.
My aunt was a huge fan, causing my mom to get into it as well.

Now I have all of my moms oils (some that my aunt gave to her!)
But I am always searching for more oils.

I like to find a balance between quality and price, because I am not rich and cannot afford the insanely priced oils that are out there. Imagine my relief when I found out about Piping Rock. If you are not that into essential oils (shame on you!) they also carry tons of other discount priced items, such as vitamins, supplements, skincare, personal care, and even coffee!!

I decided to select a few commonly used oils as well as some bottles so I can create my own tinctures.

 I love the My Thieves oil. You know what it is replicating without me having to say it..
I prefer Piping Rock. It is cheaper, you don't have to have a stupid membership, and it works just as well!! If you want to try other Piping Rock versions of oil blends instead of wasting your money on oils from one major pyramid scheme essential oil company, check these out:
 Piping Rock Purification Oil Blend

My Thieves oil is perfect for using to naturally clean your home. It is also a popular blend in aromatherapy, and is great to spritz around your home as an instant refresher.

 Clary Sage is known as the Women's Helper as it really helps ease menstrual cramps and menopause symptoms. Clary Sage also promotes hormonal balance, serenity, and restful sleep!

 Vetiver is AMAZING! I use it a lot. 
It is known as The Oil of Tranquility!

Some of the benefits include:
*Promoting circulation 
*Helps ease menstrual and joint discomfort
*Powerful Supporter of Immune Function
*Stabilizing, Soothing, and Heartening
*Promotes positive attitude

 Oregano Oil is another one I use a lot. 
It aids in respiration, immunity, and digestion.
Eases joint and head discomfort.
It is calming and refreshing and promotes uplifting joy/clarity.

 Lemon Oil is another multitasker. I use it a lot in things like cleansers and toners that I make myself, for aromatherapy, and even for cleaning! Lemon oil is refreshing, invigorating, and helps promote mental detoxification.

Calendula Oil (or marigold for those who don't know it as Calendula) is a great supporter of skin health as well as calming, restorative and powerful.
Stay tuned for some recipes featuring these oils and more!!

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  1. How does the quality/price compare to doterra? I have just begin my essential oil journey, but do terra is the only company I know so far.

  2. Wow! Cool! I'm unsure of the Calendula Oil because I'm allergic to marigolds. I'll recommend Piper Rock to my friends. Thanks! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.