Friday, October 24, 2014

Why Bamboo? Featuring Footprint Bamboo Activewear

So, I get asked a lot why I choose to use a lot of bamboo products.

My simple answer would be because it is somehow more readily available and cheaper to purchase than most hemp products, as well as easier to produce.

The long answer?
(you asked for it!)

About 1 MILLION acres of rainforest are destroyed 

Not only that, an average tree that is cut for production takes a whopping 60 years to be fully grown!
Bamboo, on the other hand, can grow upwards to 2 feet PER DAY!
AND bamboo only has an average lifespan of 5 years.

Since bamboo has an interconnected root system, it can grow pretty fast (and gets out of hand if you don't do anything to contain it!) 
Seriously guys..

Don't plant bamboo in you yard and expect it to stay put.
You will eventually find yourself with NO yard.
Bamboo is that crazy of a grower!

Bamboo only needs about 1/3 of the water cotton would need.
Bamboo also has no natural pests, which I think is pretty rad. To me that means it is healthier and better for me to wear as a textile because cotton is pumped full of pesticides as it has many pests.

Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial and highly absorbent!
Meaning it can be used to make the most PERFECT workout clothes!
 (or in this case, socks!!)

On my quest for awesome bamboo products, I discovered a company called Footprint. They make bamboo socks (and headbands + coconut socks!). Some of the comfiest socks to be draped around my feet in the history of my life!!! OMG these socks! I didn't want to take them off. Good thing I got so many pairs!

I really loved these Footprint Activewear Bamboo No Show Performance Socks. They are RIDICULOUSLY soft and airy, letting my feet breathe no matter what activity I am doing!

 As I have mentioned before, I don't wear black much. But these Black Bamboo 1/4 Crew Socks are awesome. They are also super soft, and feel great when worn with boots OR running shoes.

What's really neat about Footprint is that they carry an array of other items as well. Such as this cool marbled golden yellow Bamboo Headband. It is perfect at wicking sweat! It is SO soft, I literally forgot I was wearing it.

Connect with Footprint 

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